Created in 1958 by John Bonfatto, we have kept the Bonanza unchanged since. We still use the same bread & meats and slice everything to the exact measurements that John created.

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Italian Market

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Bonanza Sub

401 West High Street  |  Bellefonte  |  PA  16823

 (814) 353-3330

Family owned since 1919

One of the most important aspects to our business is the quality of ingredients. We make everything we can in-house and only get in products that we truly love.

 Located in the Historic District of Downtown Bellefonte, PA. Bonfatto's is a third generation 100 year old family business. Guy and Pauline Bonfatto started it all on August 15, 1919 in downtown Bellefonte as a grocery and home delivery business. In 1958 John Bonfatto invented our famous Bonanza Sub Sandwich, which today is still a mainstay of the business. n 1990, grandson David Letterman (son of Rose Bonfatto) joined the business. David had always envisioned a smaller Italian Market. David and wife Sherri renovated a historical building and moved their business back downtown Bellefonte as Bonfatto's Italian Market and Corner Cafe.

Specialty coffee

We have DOP, imported and specialty deli & groceries available in our market. We are always finding new products to bring in, so stop in to see what's new!

We extract espresso using a traditional lever-pull machine resulting in the best tasting coffee possible. We offer traditional coffee drinks along with a few modern twists.

Quality Ingredients