On location Catered Events

Need us to bring it to you?  Contact our event coordinator to help you make the right selection for the event and size of your gathering.  Call (814) 353-3330 or email michele.shaffer04@gmail.com

On Site Catered Events

 We are poud to offer private event space and in-house catering with spacious seating offering everything from delicious hors d’oeuvres to a savory buffet, to an elegant sit down dinner serving a variety of entrees, or sandwiches.  We offer a wide range of wine and beer selections, with special discounted event pricing.

fundraising activities

Planning Something Special?

Everybody gets the option they want!

With so many different fundraising products out there it can be hard to pick the one that will make everyone your diverse group.  With Bonfatto's everybody gets the choice they want with a large selection of flavors to satisfy every palate this is a sure way to make everybody happy! Call (814) 353-3330 for assistance.